A hood in a hoodie?

What are the chances there's a hood in a hoodie? I can't say for sure. Okay, what do you think? Probably. Its probably a hood in a hoodie. Probably not.

Now what are the chances people are thinking the latter, if its a certain neighbourhood, a certain time of the day.......? Pretty low. Why? Blame it on perceptions. Perceptions are what are formed when our senses respond to stimuli. Its quick, almost instantaneous. See a person dressed a certain way and perceptual judgements are what are bound to follow. Conversely, dress in a certain manner and you can engineer the perceptions you seek!

Wearing a hoodie is no crime. But wearing it and not expecting people to make judgements based on perceptions is foolish.

In the world of consumers too, such parallels can be drawn. What are the chances consumers perceive better quality based on how the product is packaged? Here's evidence to prove packaging matters. In fact all marketing mix variables can drive perceptions. The smart marketer is the one who uses every possible stimuli at his disposal to craft perceptions that lead to the 'right' judgments, that then lead to the 'right' attitudes, finally engineering a sale.


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