The problem in Education

The HRD minister thinks the pressing problem in our education system is a competitive exam and so he proposes a new one. The IIT fraternity (read, faculty and alumni) think the proposed exam is the problem, and so want the old one back!

Ha Ha Ha!

The fact that the IITs (add the IIMs too) earned their hallowed status in four decades of artificial scarcity thanks to a regulatory scenario that bred mediocrity is completely lost. That fact that in those four decades the country saw measly growth rates, and zero world class products or brands is also lost.

No, it isn't scarcity of educational institutions (read supply) in a country of a billion people that's the problem, its an exam.



Ranjit said…
'Ha, ha ha' is right, professor! If we do not have a sense of humour to fall back on at times like these, we would have no alternative but to weep and pull our hair out in frustration!

The gentleman in question has been constantly trying to fix things that ain't broke, quite oblivious to things that actually need fixing in a hurry. He has an important portfolio, pity he does not see it that way, and is intent on just fooling around. (I mean, he *is* just fooling around, isn't he? The guy can't really be serious about all the stuff he's been up to in the last couple of years??)

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