Does it matter who's President?

The current Indian Presidential nominee hullabaloo pretty much sums up why we're such a mess when it comes to economic progress. Shekhar Gupta of the Indian Express finds the whole thing fascinating and opines, politics and presidential office are natural bedfellows

Really? Wonder why I can't see it the way he does?. Wonder why I think the decision on our first citizen has zero impact on our lives as citizens? Wonder why our floundering growth and government failure on the economic front bothers me more?

Tell you the truth, socialist politics in India is the sole reason why we haven't progressed as a nation. The socialist nonsense we embraced since independence ensured the poor stayed poor, the jhollawallahs had a field day, and no one had an incentive to do anything productive. Much of that nonsense continues unabated. Pranabda on his part must be delirious with joy. After wrecking the economy as the Finance Minster he gets rewarded with a ceremonial post that'll make up for what he couldn't be, the Prime Minister of the country!

Way to go!

Socialist politics also was the sole reason why till the eighties we as consumers had to buy the lousiest of products, and crappy brands like the Amby. The reason why we have better products and brands today is because we were forced kicking and screaming to open up the economy, and usher in a bit of capitalism.

In a world where free market capitalism thrives, it doesn't matter who a company's CEO, MD, or BoD is, as much as how good they are at creating superior value for consumers! In a country that has its citizenry empowered, it really doesn't matter who the President or the Prime Minister is, as much as who can ensure that citizens continue to enjoy what is their god-given right, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!


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