Rajat Gupta & Primal Behaviour

Rajat Gupta epitomizes the American Dream. He also epitomises human behavior at its primal best. Its easy to feel for Rajat considering his rise from orphan to opulence. His brilliant academic performance is aptly matched by his meteoric rise in the world of business. But what drags him down to commoner level is what binds us all together.


Never mind talk about Rajaratnam manipulating Rajat, its greed that did Rajat in. Beware, it will be greed that may do us all in at some point in time. Don't for moment think I am condemning greed. It is but natural to want more, and working at it surely must be encouraged. Its when greed takes the law breaking route that it deserves condemnation.

Marketers on their part thrive on consumers wanting more. Why just marketers, an economy thrives only if  people spend, to have more. Rajat on his part wanted more. We can empathize with it. Rajat slipped when he broke the law to have more. Though we may still empathize with that, the American judicial system can't. Which is why Rajat's going to jail.


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