Why Casey Anthony gets judged

I see Casey Anthony's lawyer on TV telling us Casey's sick of all the judgement she's been enduring for the past two years. Just yesterday, a colleague tells me of my judgemental stance whilst in a discussion.

Yeah, the lord's told us not to judge but note, he's never said judge never. In fact I think judging is good, even when others do it to us and then say it. That's the only sure way we'll ever know what's on another's mind. Also if you dish it out, be ready to take it when it comes your way. Don't whine. Tell you what, judging is what we do all the time. Its probable we may not be articulating all our judgements, but inside we're all judgers. That's what we are wired to be.

Every time we select stimuli and form perceptions, we are in effect starting on our way to judgement. Judgments range from being made as 'snap' ones to 'considered' ones. The difference is that the former is based on 'perceptions', the latter on 'learning'. As consumers too we make judgments all the time. If our judgements favour a particular brand, and there's an intention buy, a sale is what follows. Alternately if a brand falls out of favor it means the consumer's judged harshly and sales are bound to plummet. In the world of consumers, its important to remember that every consumer facing marketing mix variable will be judged. The product, the price, the communique, the access point stimuli, everything is fair game for judgement. If a brand sells its because all mix variables have been judged favorably vis-a-vis a competitor.

If Casey's been judged, its because she's put stimuli out there that's arrested attention and elicited reactions. If she doesn't want to be judged hence on, all she has to do is disappear. If she can't and has to come on CNN, the best she can do is sit back and take what's dished. 


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