How and why we vote who we vote

Back after a while, and so will first respond to questions and comments.

KST asksWhy do people vote for allegedly corrupt and proven corrupt leaders? What could be the psychology? Does the thinking go like -'Let the corrupt leader loot, at least he dishes out freebies to me, plus all leaders are corrupt'. This is in the context of YSRCP winning hands down (15/18 seats) in AP bypolls.

Truth is KST, people don't vote for corrupt leaders. Its only incidental the people who are voted in are corrupt. People vote in those they can identify with. And such identification in India is driven mostly by cultural, and sub-cultural variables. I mean people vote based on caste, community, ethnicity, religion, and other such considerations. Now its only natural they do so because in the first place their own identity is dictated by such variables. So when they to look to voting in someone, they respond to that candidate who shares their very same identity characteristics.

Consider a candidate who tries to position himself on the 'honesty' plank. However laudable the idea, it just won't cut any ice with voters in India (remember our honest Prime Minister losing Lok Sabha election in 1999?). Identity in India trumps honesty. The honest guy is bound to loose. Now does that mean we have no hope for honest people in politics? Of course not, for surely there'll come a time when identity based on culture won't mean much to us. 

Here's hoping that rolls in sooner than later. 


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