Why will someone carry my bags?

The watchman at our building doesn't care much about extending a helping hand when we need one. For example, grocery shopping sees us lugging overflowing bags from the car to the elevator. The watchmen sees us struggling, but doesn't move a muscle. Ditto when its luggage we are struggling with, or any other such thing.

Funny thing is, the watchman turns superman when the struggling people in question turn out to be the secretary or president of our building association. In fact when their cars reach the gate he flies to open it. I've even seen him balance umpteen overflowing bags on all parts of his body when those bags belong the the secretary or the president.

Now don't for a moment think this superhuman transformation is about the watchman caring. I bet he doesn't care too hoots for anyone in the building. But then, he cares about himself! Such 'care' is what prompts the superman act. The watchman through his pyrotechnics with the bags is trying to worm into the good books of the building administrators. He endures the balancing act because he thinks that's what will give hassle-less longevity to his job as a watchman. All the song and dance he does is so he survives in the long run. And he is bang on with his nonsense, 'cause that's how it mostly works in India.

Note, what the watchman does is what consumers do. Consumers look out only for themselves. Every purchase act they enter into is so they benefit. Now that's a must-learn lesson for marketers. Everything marketers do must be so consumers finally benefit, via a product or service.

As for me, if I want the watchman to do the hula-hop for me, I will have to take to the elections as a candidate at my building.

Tell you what, I'd rather carry my own bags!  


Unknown said…
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