Socialists are thieves!

That France plans to impose a 75% tax on the rich shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. After all what else can you expect from liberal socialist hand-out demanding French? Remember the French revolution? A bloody affair that legitimized terror in the pursuit of what was deemed a republic of virtue! One that ensured thievery would be garbed under what was proclaimed an act for social good!

France is going back to such thievery (read, 75% tax). Only difference is, this time around the thieves sit in government, so the act is legitimized even more.

What a shame.

Where free markets reign, no one gets rich through thieving. The only way people rake in the moolah in such markets is by either participating in, or owning the act that creates value for consumers. To put it plainly, the only way to stack up legitimate wealth is by making and selling products and services that consumers buy.

In free markets, consumers are who make people rich!

Sam Walton didn't get rich by going fly-fishing. He earned his wealth by building a mammoth business that consistently created value for middle class America. The strategy to have consumers eating out of his hand (read, shopping at his stores) was tagged under the title 'Every Day Low Prices'.

Now should anyone grudge Walton his wealth?  Sure, Obama and his acolytes probably would, which explains why they are hellbent on turning America into a socialist nightmare! Anyone who's not a liberal socialist will celebrate Walton and his wealth.

Tell you what, wealth the kind Walton made is perfectly legitimate, and more importantly, deserved. Taking 75% of that is plain thievery. France has plans for such thievery.

I am not surprised. You shouldn't be either!


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