They hate you, stupid!

The problem with Havard Graduate Marc Ambinder's reading of what happened in Libya stems from his zero consideration of what is termed an 'attitude'. An attitude is a learned predisposition to behave in a consistently favorable or unfavorable manner with respect to a given object.

The key term to note here is 'learned predisposition'. Attitudes are what lie within. Attitudes within dictate visible behavior. Unlike what Marc believes, what happened at Benghazi has less to do with an insulting film clip on YouTube, and more with an existing learned predisposition, an attitude. Marc needs to know there are many around the world who hate America. Its an attitude they've harbored for years and guess what, America can be kindest country of planet Earth, but those attitudes won't change a bit.

No. Nada.

For such people, the 'object' in question is 'America'. The 'predisposition' is 'hate'.

Marc, they hate what your country stands for. They probably even hate you. They hate the American way of life. They hate the fact that you live in a free country where you are free to make your choices.

Consumers too form attitudes, and such attitudes can either sound the death knell for a brand, or make it part of the consumers' consideration set. Its imperative for brands to ferret the right attide from a consumer to stand a hope of purchase. Attitudes on their part are an outcome to consumer learning (read, marketer teaching).

On the geo-political front its time American liberals saw the world for what it really is. That would mean they need to learn anew the ways of a hostile world, which in turn would mean they have to unlearn the illusion they currently live.

Tell you what, abandoning entrenched attitudes and cultivating a new one is next to impossible.

On my part I'm hoping for a miracle.

God save America.


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