Help, I want me out!

Okay, I get. There are couples not willing to have kids so they can concentrate on themselves, and all the work they intend to do for a lifetime. Meaning, they wanna dedicate their lives to themselves.


And here I am trying to dedicate my life to ridding me of myself, so I can find meaning to my existence! 

Do I think I can pull it off? Course not, though I know how its done and probably someday I'll get there. You see, its not me stupid, its who works in me to help me get rid of me!

Confusing stuff!? Don't bother, someday you'll get it. If you don't, I guess it'll still be okay, though a pity.

Anyway, being a father has been liberating for me. It has to a large extent helped me get over me. You see, I don't matter as much, and that's fulfilling! I can't for anything be a liberal, obsessed with myself. Though I admit, getting over that obsession hasn't been easy at all. The 'me' goes to any length to stop all attempts to rid me of 'me'.

Now, me's a problem if it comes in the way of knowing the consumer. As simple as it sounds, most firms don't understand they are in the business of creating 'superior value' for consumers. It just isn't about their products and services! What businesses fail to see is a world where consumers aren't concerned as much about products as they are for their own needs.

Stepping outside of oneself is recommend, so one peers at the world with different eyes. Being a parent surely aids the act. Take it from me, for I am living testimony.  


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