Shut the Talking Heads up

When the grey haired talking heads on TV, dimwits from India's socialist past, point to IAC's latest expose' as just a 'whimper' they betray their susceptibility to what is termed 'conditioning'.

Here's how.

These talking heads lived their prime life through what was a hellish socialist India. All they saw and experienced was government in its inefficient, ineffective glory. During those days, the common man in India was consigned to an 'emasculated existence'. The lords then were the political class, and bureaucrats. Living through such times meant the grey haired talking heads cultivated mindsets that accommodated government largess without even a flicker of an eyelid.

Is it any surprise then the oldies on TV think the latest expose' is no big deal!?

Conditioning is a welcome development for marketers. Conditioning means consumers cultivate habits. That in turn eliminates information processing, which means consumers will go about sticking with the same brand with zero thought  Conditioning explains why for example people don't bat an eyelid whilst guzzling gallons of coke, or slap on layers of face paint so they look good.

As for exposing corruption in India, its about time the grey haired talking heads are barred from coming on the idiot box. However if they insist on coming on and talking, they should be subject to the Cacofonix treatment.


Unknown said…
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Benosh Haris said…
I like the cocophonix similitude. But whom to we snub and whom do we glorify. We went after Anna, according to me he has been snubbed because of a lack of content.. Kejriwal has the content but might not have the following required to take himself to the next level. So do we cling to a new breed. Its time for serious introspection..We might need to shed our attitudes first before we throw stones. For me the change must come from within. A civic change from within. What we see is only a thermometer reading of decay.Unless we change ourselves we will be hrowing stones from glass houses..
Ray Titus said…
Benosh, Suppose we changed, what would we do differently?

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