What's with Chanel No.5?

Has Chanel lost it?

Sure, having Brad Pitt look and talk zombie may heat up the PR lines, but will it connect with consumers? I for one am not idiot enough to buy Chanel or any other scent that costs a bomb (plus I smell nice, thank you), and probably the brand shouldn't care a whit 'bout me, but what about Chanel die-hards? 

Will they take to the first male zombie mumbling stuff about their coveted scent that made yours truly wince?

Maybe Chanel No.5 needed the PR. After all, keeping a brand alive and kicking in 'chatter-space' is important. I just wish the it stuck with the lineage it's had until now.

As for Brad, he should wisen up, listen to his mom and vote Romney. Plus quit doing zombie stuff even if it pays buketfull of dollars. 


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