The Real Radicals

Yesterday, talking heads on Indian TV were recommending Indian political parties learn from the American election and drop radical agendas. According to them, to win, parties must drop radical right-wing agendas and move to more 'acceptable' positions.

Radical right wing agendas of the Republicans? What idiocy!

Is wanting government out of people's lives so they can be free to choose their destiny radical? What about believing that life begins at conception? What about wanting to preserve the sanctity of marriage, and defining it as a God-ordained union between a man and a woman?

What if people exercise their constitutional rights as Americans and choose to carry arms for their protection; does that make them zealots?

The real radicals are Barack and his acolytes.

Their triumph represents the mainstreaming of sloth and deviancy in America. The country in its present form (read, with Barack running the freak-show) promises citizens more than enough to live by even when they shirk work by redistributing wealth taken from those that toil hard. The industrious earn and then get robbed when they pay sky-high taxes to government.

What about social sensibilities?

Barack's America has zero remorse at the abhorrent practice of abortion. What's even more pathetic is they demand taxpayers pay for the slaughter! In Barack's America, smoking pot is cool and gets even cooler if you strut down the street without a stitch on! Gay pride and slut walks are in. Decency and dignity is given the boot!

Liberal America is deviant America. It's sloth-filled America. Its a pity the idiots on TV in India can't see that. 


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