Toil & Respect

You know why liberals make me sick?

Its 'cos when it comes to executing mass murderers who've committed crimes beyond human reasoning they go queasy. But when it is about executing innocent life in wombs, they have zero qualms! Some even laugh while talking about it.

You know why 2 in 3 Americans (that's what I heard this morning on CNN) are agreeable to raising taxes on the rich?

'Cos it isn't their money that's being usurped! Plus if its someone else's money and it goes to Barack's kitty, they can queue up to have it free!

In the books of liberals, mass murderers have value, life at conception doesn't. Taking zero responsibility, and queuing up is blessed. Toiling hard to earn scores no points.

Its respect for life and toil that must find its place in the sun. Respect for life is why we exist, toil is why we live decent lives. Toil is why products and services come into being. Toil is again why we earn enough to buy those very products and services.

Its a pity in America those values aren't finding too many takers!


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