What Geisha can do for Starbucks

For Starbucks, 'Geisha', selling at $7 for a 16-ounce 'grande' cup, isn't just an exclusive brew for its loyal discerning customers, its also about the cafe' fronting and playing out sophistication via its menu mix. 

its common knowledge that Starbucks has morphed its identity from that of a coffee seller to a provider of food stuff that can make up an 'experience'. After all, Starbucks is more 'experience' than eating. But the accompanying problem is, coffee is a natural element in the 'sophisticated experience', food stuff can't make the cut as well. 

So what can help Starbucks retain its classy character? 


The point to note is, Positioning is as much piloted by the rest of the marketing mix variables (read, product, price, and place), as by communication. Starbucks on its part is doing well to use its menu mix to keep intact an identity that may have been diluted. 


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