Shame on you, Walmart!

Shame on you, Walmart for bringing your lobbying ways across the ocean on to our shores 

Sure, we may be among the most corrupt countries in the world, but we ain't gonna rollover and let you bring your low cost business model that helps save consumers money to our sacred land. So what if you've saved billions of dollars for consumers in the US by lowering prices, we still want wanna pay more so inefficient logistical chains and middle-men thrive!

Don't for moment think we won't raise a stink on your lobbying ways! Sure, we may have MPs with criminal cases in our Parliament, yet we will stand up in the House and protest in the loudest voices against your devious ways. Never mind, we have states in India who've embraced philosophies of mass murderers like Lenin, Mao, and Stalin, and never mind such philosophies having bankrupted us because they've been anti-business (read anti-you, Walmart), we still will hold on to our near non-existent self esteem and keep buying what our glorious kiranas and Indian retail chains have to offer!

Sure, the FCPA may ensure you play fair in foreign countries, but we will go ahead with our own internal taxpayer funded inquiry that may not go anywhere, or do anything. So beware, big daddy of Retail, we may still get you!

Long live the Revolution!


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