The dust & grime road to Spirituality

Despite the irritation, at times you have to be thankful for India's third world character coming through. At least that way you never take anything for granted. Like this morning when the power switched off at 0630 hrs. and stayed off. Disruptions of such kind are by design in place to ensure citizens never, even for a moment, take such services as being rightfully theirs.

Then there are added benefits to such struggles. The reason why there'll never be a boring pattern to life in India is because one can never know what will happen the next moment. The power could fail, the water may dry up, the lamppost may topple down, the road may cave in, a bandh may be round the corner, tell you what, the frightening list is endless.

I think life in India pretty much explains why liberals who double up as dimwits come here in search of spirituality. You see, in the West (read, liberals states in America and prosperous Europe where they exist sans any religious faith) life plods in a boringly safe pattern. The lights don't go out, the water gushes in through pipes, the roads remain almost forever, nothing ever falls down, and if it does it will only be an aberration, and so on. Guess what living such 'near-perfect' lives does to liberals? It makes them go crazy for something 'real'! They then tend to think what's real must be spiritual, and pray, where do they find it?

In the dust and grim of the third world.

Now you know why the likes of Oprah traipse into India and find serenity!

On my part I don't have time for spirituality. That's because with no power, and therefore no hot water, no lights, I am doing my best to both get to work, and help Jaden get to school. Spirituality can wait. In fact it can go to hell for all I care!


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