The Right to Idiocy

When Justice (retired) Katju terms 9 out of 10 Indians idiots, it ruffles feathers. Enough to have two students send a legal notice to him, asking him to publicly apologize failing which they would move court.

On my part I must admit, the times I've been part of the ninety percent far exceeds my existence among the ten. Idiocy is something I must admit wholeheartedly to, and when I don't, Alphy provides me enough data to seal the story. Thank heavens despite that, I don't need the 'loving yourself' liberal nonsense to feel good. In fact, admitting to idiocy can be therapeutic.

It is but natural to have people protest charges of idiocy. After all, who wants to have their 'ideal-self' balloon punctured? Then again, wanting to live a life sans any self-awareness is welcome! Its the best news for marketers everywhere. It means they can promise people their fantasies and have them buy into it lock stock and barrel. Its no wonder then a car brand asks you to 'make your own road', and a sneaker brand uses expletive spewing hip hop and rap artists to say it with smug self satisfaction, 'I am what I am'.

Tell you what, I am not sure if Justice Katju is right in branding most of us as idiots. But one thing I know, taking him to court for that probably is sure idiocy. 


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