The Narcissist

You thought Barack's inaugural speech was about his hardcore liberal vision for America?

Think again.

The President under the garb of a vision was articulating his distaste for America and its founding ideals. What's more, he did what is so used to doing whilst mouthing off to his cabal. Make a grandiose display of his narcissism, loud and clear.

As Fay Voshel noted, I believe that Erich Fromm, author of The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness can help us understand just what we are dealing with in president Obama.  His analysis of malignant narcissism fits Barack Obama's profile to a tee.
One of the chief characteristics of the malignant narcissist: He is interested only in himself, his desires, his thought, his wishes... his ideas, his past, his plans; the world is real only as far as it s the object of his schemes and desires; other people matter only as far as they serve him or can be used; he always knows everything better than anyone else.


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