Rating Ratings

'What is perhaps most disturbing about Rate My Professors is the impression it conveys that education takes place only in the classroom, that it consists of an interesting or boring presentation by a professor who engages or fails to engage his students’ interest. In fact, this is a part, but only one (insufficient) part, of what education involves. What Rate My Professors entirely obscures is that education happens primarily (or, more often, fails to happen) outside the classroom: in the students’ reading of course materials, reflection on them, review of course notes, drafting and re-drafting of term papers, memorization of facts in preparation for exams, consultations with the professor in his or her office, discussion with other students of course ideas, and so on. That many of our students no longer do any of these things tells us why Rate My Professors has become such a central part of the modern university experience, and why professors face an uphill battle in their classrooms. In its emphasis on likeability and ease, Rate My Professors symbolizes much that is wrong with university education in the Humanities.'

- Janice Fiamengo, 'How well does 'Rate My Professors' rate?'


Unknown said…
Agree and i can understand the frustration when student are incompetent to judge the best prof. due to various reasons.

But still a good prof. is who can customize his lecture according to students.

But,due to that customization few good students will have to bear the huge loss.

This discussion can go on but conclusion will be - culprit is system which says colleges should not earn profits.

Ray Titus said…
Profit ain't a bad word, in fact its the best one!

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