The Ad's real, Abuse is real!

When I first saw the commercial (featured above), its message hit me like a bullet. I can think of two reasons why that happened. Prime among the two relates to me being a father to two li'l children. I am so reminded there could be trouble round the corner for the li'l ones. Even mine. What added to the communique's scorching effect is the contrast between the first ninety percent that seems harmless, and the latter ten percent that reveals a story that hits like a sledgehammer.

The shock element in the end that unfolds in the story has been crafted superbly. But what makes it potent is that it peddles a reality that's all too real, which the father in me unquestionably knows. This isn't some crappy fantasy for idiots who are buying cars or soaps. This is real!

Abuse is real!

Portraying reality isn't easy. Its must be done with care. It can't be subtle, it can't be harsh. A fine balance between the two can hit home. Like it did with the one featured above.


Now lets get to the real task. Eliminating the beasts (yup, its must be capital punishments for abuse; liberals can take their bleeding hearts for the perpetrators to the blazes) so we can have a safer place. For children. Yours and mine.


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