Why the Vista D90 won't fly

Sure, you can strap a dodo to a parachute, build this fantasy story, and  wrap it round the Vista. Sure, design-wise, you may have a new roof, GPS, cosmetic changes to the exterior, voice-overs that wax eloquent about the engine, but you know what the problem is?

Despite you drumming and presenting it to me as the 'new' Vista D90, its just one look, and I am thinking Indica! Don't you get it? You call it the Vista, but my long term memory engineered mostly by the countless taxi-Indicas on the road, take me to the latter!

With a crippling long term memory of the Indica, you think you'll wean me away from the Swift? Think again. Wanna have a breakthrough in this category with consumers? Get a complete makeover and get something that looks nothing like the current Indicas on the road!

Till then, doom beckons!


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