You ain't Me, I ain't You.

Alphy tells me there's stuff she's comfortable talking about with her friend, and not me. I am perplexed. When it comes it to me, I can't think of anything 'grave' enough to have a tete-a-tete with another. Sure, I wanna say my piece at times, but to talk 'stuff', I surely want none of that!

Now careful thought tells me I've been stupid enough to think Alphy has nothing important to talk about, just 'cos I don't have any. Know what, women have so much more to talk about. Its 'cos they are infinitely more thoughtful and interesting than the male of the species.

Straight away from a business perspective, my gut tells me its far more challenging to market products and services to women. Note, I am not talking about the differences in the way firms need to market to men and women. I am talking about which one's more challenging. You get a more thoughtful audience (read, women) to market to, I'd say think twice, thrice, and more, before you present a value proposition to them.

As for me its time I remembered without exception, Alphy isn't me, won't converse any bit like me. Tell you what, thank the good Lord for that!


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