Beyonce, oops..Mrs. Carter goes North, Perez Hilton South

Beyonce's gone rogue. Perez has mellowed.

The latter's real. The former, fake.

Beyonce's a smart cookie. But she must know cookies crumble. Beyonce's gone from empowering songs that appealed to young independent women, to meaningful ones that made sense to single women, to now a gritty-dirty one that's sends a 'kiss-my-a**' message to those that fault her.

Will the latest one hit home? It should, considering there are enough foul-mouthed degenerates around!

Beyonce's morphing songs and lyrics are part of her makeover. Images bore over time. Changing times call for changed tunes. Beyonce's doing the changing act to keep her appeal intact, especially since there are others (read, Rihanna) threatening to ride the change curve better and quicker.

Perez's is an opposite case (to Beyonce). His mellowing has everything to do with fatherhood. Perez's change is real, unlike Beyonce's. Will a mellowed Perez who's piped down on name calling appeal to the degenerates?

Well, I see a problem there. If its Hollywood, deviancy is the norm. Name calling and bitching is normal language. Anything that's sensible and sober is out of place. So Perez might find the going tough. Should Perez take a leaf out of Beyonce's book? Maybe.

Maybe this time around real will trump the manufactured. Maybe this time the smart cookie will crumble.



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