In India, HONK to stay alive!

There they go again!

The latest 'I Won't Honk Campaign' supported by Rahul Dravid is emblematic of the idiocy that parades as solutions to problems in our country. Though the intention behind the campaign may be to bring down decibel levels in Bangalore, the solution being touted is as dangerous as it is idiotic.

To understand why, let us see why people don't honk in countries in the West. Drive on roads there and you'll see they have lanes. They have pedestrian controlled crossings. They have exits that allow drivers to switch roads. They have cops who pull drivers up for speeding. They have drivers on roads who've gotten licenses after rigorous evaluations.

In India and in Bangalore we have none of those. Here roads have no lanes, and even if they do, who's given to lane driving? Pedestrians cross roads where they please. Drivers switch roads based on their conveniences, rules be damned. Speeding's the pet hobby of bus drivers. The blind can get licenses. The anomalies are endless.

Therefore the million dollar question is how does one survive on Indian roads? The answer is, HONK! Honk to let the pedestrian know you're coming so he doesn't dart across the road. Honk to tell the other drivers not to engage in pyrotechnics while you're behind them. In short, honk as frequently as you can to survive!

Thank God, the world of business doesn't take to idiocy. The fact is it won't. Consumers are ruthless in their evaluation of products and services that present themselves as solutions to needs. So if its nonsense that parades as a solution, you can bet it won't exact consumer patronage. At least not repeat patronage. Business can be akin to Indian roads where you require sensible acts if you are interested in staying alive.

Sensible acts that include Honking.

Here's hoping you will, to stay alive. 


I am convinced with you that parades are not the solutions of any issues. I won't honk campaign will be one of those. Your write up on this issue is very effective.
Unknown said…
While honking to warn pedestrians is acceptable and totally understandable...what about honking while waiting for the traffic light to turn green or while stuck in a jam??WHY beep as soon as the light flashes to green?? I'm sure everyone can see the change in light and knows that it is time to move, no one needs a rude reminder! Are beepers so dumb that they don't know that EVERYBODY else waiting also want to get to places??I am very sure that the campaign was raised to generate awareness among these retards...people who are always in a hurry, never for any real emergency that too!
Unknown said…
I have been driving for the past 5 years and I hardly ever hear any honking to warn pedestrians, it is always always done to provoke and irritate fellow drivers, either to get ahead of them for no real reason or to remind people to get a move on AS SOON AS, keep in mind, that the beep is synchronized with the change in light to green!!!or worse, at trafic jams, where nobody can really help the situation with honking and beeping!!!

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