Nailpainted Freakshow

So now they have nail-paint for men. Way to go, Alphanail. Bloody good idea, I must say! The toughie backdrop to the emergence of nail-paint for men only makes its buy-in 'easier', doesn't it?

This isn't girly stuff, its for MEN strutting around as DUDES!

Love the marketing copy on your site, Alphanail; it goes, 'What do Roger Huerta, Chuck Liddell, Chris Leben and Dave Navarro have in common? They are all alpha males and they all adorn their nails with war paint. Why? Why not! For the fighter or the guitar picker, any normal nail polish will add natural strength to the nail and prevent chipping and cracking. But it is more than that. It is a statement... a proclamation of the inner attitude of the alpha. It is about having the confidence that says ‘I am my own man, and will decide the rules for how I live my life according to how I see fit.'

Hey dudes, the freakshow only gets better!



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