Regulations Kill!

Witnessing the Thane tragedy and its aftermath is heartbreaking. What's scary is the realization this is commonplace in India and could happen at any time, in any form to any one of us. Come to think of it we probably know this so well we've numbed to it.

What's also disturbing is how the story is being played out. The usual politician-bureaucrat-businessman nexus is facing flak from all quarters. After all the shouting's over, guess what will be recommended?

Stronger and greater regulations, so buildings don't collapse.

Pray, what will be the outcome to that? Buildings in India will continue with their descent to the ground, because the nexus will only get stronger (that's what happens when regulations are strengthened). Plus the stronger regulations will ensure the good guy trying to build something will go through hell and high water in getting whatever he's building, built!

Regulations by design penalize the good and foster the corrupt! Regulations harass the good citizen and pave smooth pathways for the wicked.

But despite the Thane tragedy and others that will follow, I bet there'll be no takers for free markets, 'cos people will assume the worst. No regulations will be perceived as laissez-faire where the corrupt will thrive. The truth is, the exact opposite is what will happen. Businesses will face greater competition (as entry barriers will go) and their quest to exact consumer patronage will have them go the extra mile to ace competition, resulting in the creation of better products and services.

The lousy builder problem that takes people's lives is a regulation problem. Regulation kills. Regulation is why the corrupt thrive (India's the best example to that).

Free markets that foster competition is the answer to lousy quality. Free markets are the answer to better buildings.

Free markets can and will save lives!


Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
In india, people vote for stupid reasons so political parties need fund for rallies etc .
that's why few intelligent politician like rahul gandhi,chidambram cannot encourage capitalism even though they know very well that capitalism is the solution to each and every problem
Unknown said…
This is a strong evidence to prove that india is failing to bring competition in the business environment. Competition is the only solution which makes people life better. No other force can replace it.

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