The Kid & The Zombie Act

The buses that cart Bangalore's tech. workforce travelling cattle-class to their workplaces make for a depressing sight. Peer inside and the feeling gets worse. Its as if the clunkers on wheels are transporting the lifeless. I guess it must be the work that awaits these people. Service assembly lines, especially those to do with software can do the zombie-turning act real quick.

What saves the morning scene in Bangalore are school buses. Filled with chattering li'l kids, (those that have orderly ones have older kids who go to schools and log onto assembly lines ) these buses are a sight for sore eyes. The animated discussions, laughter, group choruses, are infectious. Pass by such school buses and your heart skips, your soul leaps within.

For the kids, its both the journey, and the anticipation of time together at school. For the zombies, 'together' is a mirage.

As consumers we've done both the kid and the zombie act. If its repetitive-inertia-driven consumption, the zombie in us goes through the motions of purchase. If its the non-repetitive once-in-a-long-time buy, its the kid doing the animated act. The challenge for marketers is to get the kid out of consumers every time they buy. That means making the anticipation and the experience pleasurable.

That also means enduring loyalty, and zero inertia.


Sir, this article gives very good insight for marketeers but don't you think when every marketeer tries to do the same thing......... it turns a supposedly "Kid" act into an "Adult" one!!

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