Bureaucracy erodes value, creates none!

While congratulating Haritha, this year's IAS topper, the NDTV news anchor asked the topper why she chose country over a corporate job.

Did I hear right? Country over corporate? You mean, the Indian bureaucracy once called the most dangerous animal by Minister Jairam Ramesh, serves the country while the johnnies who slave it out in the corporate world, choose greed?

Ha ha ha. That's probably the joke of the decade!

Truth is, the Indian bureaucracy is quite the reason why as a country we are in the mess we are. In fact Richard Boucher, deputy secretary-general, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) lists the Indian bureaucracy as one of the biggest troubles India faces today. Bureaucracy, whether in India or elsewhere, is the prime value eroder in an economy! Those johnnies on the other hand, who sweat it out in an insecure (they can get fired at any time, while the bureaucrat is forever ) private marketplace are the real value creators. They take in input materials, put it through a value creating process, derive as output, products and services which they sell at a price, and then get paid for the effort. Now that's value creation. That's 'earned' money!

Bureaucracy on the other hand is an enormous cost center that's a drain on the economy, and that eats into value created by private businesses!

To understand the bureaucratic drain better, listen to Mark Levin talk to a 'bureaucrat' at the Department of Energy in the US..

If you still don't get it, you're probably a liberal dimwit, and God save us all!


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