Shiva Kumar in IIM-C is Capitalism at its best!

N Shiva Kumar's IIM-C admission story is as inspirational as it is an illustration of capitalism at its best.

Beating the odds, the boy's made it completely on his own merit. It isn't government handouts that have helped him. Its his industriousness coupled with his toil that's gotten him to IIM-C.

That's capitalism for you. Work hard and smart, and you will reap your very 'personal' benefits.

N Shivakumar's inspirational story also includes another character, his newspaper customer, Krishna Veda Vyas. The latter paid for Shiva's studies at school. Note, this funding came after Krishna checked on how Shiva was doing at school. Finding the kid to be a topper at his studies, Krishna didn't hesitate.

That's again capitalism for you. The funding Shiva received wasn't a government handout. Truth is, handouts carry no value. They turn recipients into slothful unproductive citizens. Shiva's funding came after the giver, a private citizen, evaluated the boy on merit. In capitalism driven free markets, you get funded because the lenders believe in your ability to create value, and rake in generous ROIs.

In socialist paradises, you get funded due to your proximity to government, and bureaucracy.

What India doesn't need is a regulating government, and their hare-brained sloth-creating handout schemes. What India needs is hard-working industrious private citizens like Shiva Kumar, and generous responsible private citizens like Krishna Veda Vyas.

Here's hoping for more Shivas & Krishnas.


Excellent work Sir........Nice explanation of Capitalism through an inspirational story.......just perfect!!
Ray Titus said…
Thanks, Biswajeet. Appreciate it.
Very sensible example sir.

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