Society's Death Wish

'What has our society come to when it treats as a war criminal anyone who admits to giving their child an occasional smack, and yet advocates exposing children to pornography?
The answer is that, for several decades now, a small number of determined zealots have wormed their way into influential positions from where they have set about undermining traditional moral precepts and replacing parental authority with their own, in order to brainwash children with the doctrine of ‘anything goes’ and ‘the right to choose’. 
The Sex Education Forum, which describes itself as ‘the national authority on sex and relationships education’, is actually a bunch of activists with a ‘lifestyle choice’ agenda who have been busy thus undermining parental authority and traditional moral values for the past quarter of a century.
Lo and behold, the organisations supporting the Brecon campaign against smacking include Barnardo’s, the National Children’s Bureau and Relate -- which are also listed as members of the Sex Education Forum.
Is it any wonder, therefore, that parental discipline is treated as child abuse while children are force-fed pornography in the classroom -- and anyone who dares protest faces instant vilification, ostracism and scorn.
But don’t worry. Children may have their innocence corrupted and become brutalised and degraded as a result -- but they won’t be smacked. So that’s ok then.
There’s a name for this. It’s society’s death wish.'


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