Why Dumb is good for Marketers

According to a survey by market research company YouGov 70 percent British women would follow the preventive double mastectomy path Angelina Jolie's taken, if tests showed they had a high chance of developing breast cancer.

Imagine that.

70 percent British women will do what is necessary to save their lives, now that Angie's doing it. Now why do I think 70 percent British women need to have their heads checked?

As much as the thought of women following Angie depresses me (she's the current 'hero' to liberals because she chose to save HER life; our standards have dropped much, self-saving acts qualify for heroism), it kinda makes me elated too.  You see, this is why marketers are always going to be in business. This is why marketers rule.

All psychological value in marketing solutions is 'constructed' value. It isn't real. But marketing history shows 'psychological value' as outstripping 'functional value'. So for the consumer it isn't the sneaker that's as important as it being Nike.

Thank the good Lord 70 percent British women are swayed by Angie.

Its dumb, but its good. 

For marketers. 


Yet another sign of coming Idiocracy?
Good observation Sir....... reinforced the power of marketing and some positive aspects of "Dumb" Consumer Behaviour..
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