Yes Logos!

Being a parent to a six and a two year old means your life won't seem like yours for a long-long time. Now if that has you having a rethink on being a parent, think again. There's nothing (I can bet a million bucks!) that can give you what being a parent can.

Like when I hear Brooklyn, my two year old express herself. Just now a kid from the neighborhood dropped in. Brooklyn wanted the rest of us to know he dropped in late 'cos he was sleeping. She said his name out loud and followed it up with a guttural throaty noise. The latter was meant to convey he was 'sleeping'. Brooklyn doesn't yet know the word 'sleep', but she doesn't allow that to stop her expressing. She uses the guttural sound to convey sleep. I guess she must have picked the sound up from the snores she's heard around the house. :)

Brooklyn's language always brings a smile to our face, the kind nothing else can. :) :)

Truth is, as humans we are wired to express, and we'll do it every and any way we can. Brooklyn uses noises, grown-ups use language. Despite that, I must admit there are many things we wanna say that we don't. That's cause we aren't sure if language's the best way to do the expression. Brands drop in when language can't. The kid who wants to scream rebellion knows if he does it with language,they'll probably consign him to a shrink. So he trucks with brands. A torn denim, a psychedelic T with a slogan, and dirty floaters do the talking for him. The girl who's out to seduce does it with her painted nails, fragrance, and stilletoed legs. That's her potent language designed to ensnare!

Brands do the talking for us when can't, when we mustn't.

A world without brands is one where we are muted. Naomi Klein got it wrong with no logo. Its logos we want, so we can speak!

Here's to brands, and to their enabling us our expressions.


Unknown said…
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Great piece about brands........thanks again Sir....Expect more work from you sir as to how a brand can stand out in the rat race!!
Ray Titus said…
Thanks again, B. Will try and put in my thoughts on Brands.
Worth reading content for any person who wants to know "what are brands for?"

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