100 to 1 backward, top-down vs. 1 to 100 forward, bottom-up

Jaden's Math homework requires him to write the numbers 100 to 1 backward, top-down on the page. He does the opposite. He works bottom-up, and writes the numbers 1 to 100.

I'am torn.

Should I make him write it the way it was asked, or should I just admit he's done it the smart way? I settle for the latter. Now I am quite aware in certain cultures, the smart way is a no-no. Which explains why such cultures throw up great workers, and lousy thinkers. Like its the way in India. Great work-men, lousy think-men.

Why I settled on the latter with Jaden is because of the nature of the world we live in, and the one to come. Its the 'smarts' that will make all the difference. Insistence on coloring between the lines will only matter to the extent it inculcates discipline. Beyond that, its a killer.

Marketers too of tomorrow will be ones who break the rules. To foster a crowd that breaks the rules tomorrow, we need to let the Jadens of today write bottom-up, 1 to 100.

Smart boy, J. Here's hoping you keep to your deviant ways. :)


Unknown said…
great jaden is also genius like his father
Another great read Sir......... I think this is closest to what can be called "Disruptive Innovation" in our daily lives...!!
Winter Rain said…
Lol..nice going definitely parankamoodan genes!
Ray Titus said…

Tho' you exaggerate, I am not complaining :)


I wouldn't call it disruptive, its more 'deviant'. Everything deviant isn't necessarily disruptive.

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