Who's the Counter Burger's Target and Competition in India?

That the 'Counter Burger' features among the '20 Hamburgers you must eat before you die' should be good news in India. At least the 'story' around it will probably do the job of arresting attention for a brand that's virtually unknown here.

For the 'counter burger' to sell in India, it will have to be more than a burger, because a burger won't sell at 400 bucks. Not with the middle class. But then I guess the 'quarter burger' isn't targeting the 'middle class'. Its zeroing in on a class above.

My gut tells me the counter burger can sell to the upper-middle-class, if it turns out to be more than a burger. Meaning, it must drive a 'more than adequate' amount of psychological value to the customer in addition to being a tasty burger. That means the atmospherics and service will have to deliver.

The other day we were at lunch at the Barbeque Nation. Tell you what, it was good food, great service, great place, and it all came at 500 bucks plus taxes per person. Its the Barbeque Nations the Counter Burger will have to take on. Its that crowd that will have to switch.

Here's wishing a 400 buck burger the best in India.



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