Why the Genius Man is no stroke of Genius

GE engineers have unveiled the Genius Man!

According to Rick Arthur, Manager of the Advanced Computing Lab in the Software & Analytics Group at GE Global Research, “GE created Genius Man to show the heroic, fun and cool side to being a scientist and engineer. From where I sit, I see the tremendously positive impact science and technology can have on our world and in people’s lives every day. Through Genius Man, we hope to inspire a future generation of scientific talent by showcasing advances being made in technology.”

Ha ha ha.

Can it get any dumber?

Genius Man proves two things.

One, most engineers aren't marketers, and so should stick to just 'making' things. Two, most engineers are myopic dudes blinded by their own point of view. That means they fail to see or consider what's most important in a business.


Its not you, dude, its the consumer, stupid!


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