Football players versus 20 month old babies

Appearing on Fareed Zakarioa's GPS, Malcolm Gladwell recommended that football be banned. That's 'cos there's enough evidence to show the rough game of football damages the brains of those who play it. Those who play it are those at colleges in America. So colleges should do away with football.

My take on whether colleges should ban football? 

They shouldn't, After all, those that play the game are in full knowledge of its ill-effects, so that makes THEM fully responsible for anything that happens as an outcome to playing the game. Football isn't about innocent li'l kids putting their lives in danger, its about grown adults making choices about 'risks' for themselves.

I have a question.

Hey Malcolm, what about abortion?

What about lil' babies more than 20 months old being slaughtered? You think these babies have a right to life? Are you among the 30% in America who still think abortions must be allowed after 20 weeks? If you are, save you breath on football, get some sense, and use campus time to talk about slaughter of the innocent. 

I hope you will. I guess you won't, 'cos babies aren't a priority with liberals.

Just like liberals who can't get their priorities right, consumers too mess up on their priorities. Like when they choose mobile phones over toilets in India. Who made them do that? Of course, the marketer. Is the marketer to blame? Course not, remember these are adult decisions, and adults must accept responsibility and learn to live with the consequences.

So must football players.


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