The Promise of America is Liberty

George Zimmerman is NOT GUILTY!

This verdict in no way means Trayvon's death isn't a tragedy. Indeed it is. But the State of Florida versus George Zimmerman wasn't about the tragic death of a teenager, it was about whether free men can 'stand their ground' and defend themselves if they are in imminent danger of losing their lives.

This verdict reinforces free men can!

The promise of America is the promise of liberty. The promise of liberty requires that free men be able to stand their ground and defend themselves.

Against criminals, and government.

The right to bear arms is the constitutional guarantee so men can stand their ground, use their arms, and live free.

Zimmerman is free.

Liberty is intact.


Unknown said…
The curious oddity is that the criminal background of George Zimmerman was conveniently ignored. I do not dispute the right of an individual to defend himself as it is clearly impossible for the police force to prevent crimes at all places and at all times- they are earthlings and not men from the planet Krypton.
the abforementioned link shows that the background of zimmerman was ignored- seems too surprising that these facts were overlooked. one would have anticipated a more fair trial
later zimmerman was seen supposedly rescuing some people from an overturned vehicle
makes one wonder how though- the same man had been pinned by one man days before

the right to defence is a fair right and needs to be enforced but such miscarriages of justice need to be avoided
america had been a land of promise but now it seems to be one of promises- just the way brittania ruled the waves and then later started waving the rules

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