Societal Psychosis

What kind of a society are we becoming? I question the existence of a societal psychosis, characterized by a break with reality and deviation from normal thought processes.

We abandon the notion of executing our most heinous criminals and now appear to be accepting the idea of executing our most vulnerable citizens.

We provide our criminals with good medical, occupational, entertainment and educational programs for their betterment.

In the case of our elderly we often fail miserably at providing them with quality of life in our health-care institutions. Many label our elderly and persons with disabilities, including children, as “lives not worth living.”

In addition this applies to persons with mental health issues. These are the ones at high risk for abuse if euthanasia is introduced...

- Jean Echlin, 'Societal psychosis.'


Unknown said…
Good point, aliensoup. And when we consider that nuclear weapons are, in a sense, used when a nation is threatened with them, the US has used them at least eight to ten times, if memory serves. To get more info please visit

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