The 'Awesome Nano' isn't really Repositioning

How is the Tata Nano trying to do the resurrection act? Its repositioning itself by riding the 'awesomeness wave' to appeal to 'young buyers'. Moving away (or should I say adding) from its earlier target segment, the middle class family to target a younger crowd is surely a smart move. Plus moving away from 'utility' as a motivational function to appealing to an 'ego defensive' function is again the right way to go.

So can we expect climbing sales?

I wouldn't bet on it, yet. You see, most brands make a mistake in believing positioning is about managing a single marketing mix variable, namely communication. The fact is, all mix variables that are conspicuous are stimuli that can drive perceptions, thus positioning. Take the XUV 500 for example. Its design (read looks) did more for its positioning than its advertising. Bet you can't even recall the XUV ad. But put the XUV on the road, and most people will stop and stare. The XUV plays the awesome SUV look to perfection.

Now that's where the Nano (plus all Tata cars) fails. Its the same look. Nothing's changed except for targeting and advertising. That in my book isn't good enough for repositioning.

Which is why I think Nano sales won't do the climbing act yet.


Avinash said…
As u said XUV was designed well, but as a product its miserably failed, with respect to duster. What amuses me is inspite of taking over of Jaguar and land rover by Tata, they still make crappy cars.
Avinash said…
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Sir, very good insights....but perhaps change in design would mean added costs and hence increase in the price of the cars....which would defeat the very purpose of introduction of these in the first case...!!

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