Why kids can't live without sneakers & smartphones

Growing kids demand greater attention. At home, Alphy and me can't seem to get a minute to ourselves. It's like the kids are always calling for us. After a while it gets to us. To me.

So there are times when I have to put my foot down and ask them to wait till I can attend to them. At times I even refuse help. Other times I help.

What am I trying to do?

Asking the kids to wait is teaching them to delay gratification. Helping them is so they learn better through support. Not responding is aimed at weaning them off their dependency on us, and teaching them to be independent.

Now marketers aren't anything like us. In fact marketing isn't anything like parenting. Marketers unlike smart parents are ever ready to help, telling consumers to buy now or risk regret! They foster dependency making consumers feel feel like they can't do without brands. Truth is, most marketers have pulled this off pretty well. Which makes them smarter than most mommies and daddies.

Which also explains why kids think sneakers and smartphones matter more than anything else.


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