Alphy matters and nothing else

At first Jaden goes down with the changing weather. Then Alphy follows. Suddenly everything else at home seems invisible. Though Alphy thinks our home's overflowing with bookcases loaded with books, I've always loved having a book at an arm-stretch. The books at times even exude psychological comfort to yours truly merely by their presence.

Yet today, it seems like they don't matter. The reason's obvious. Alphy without her smile, down with a fever changes everything at home. The books and all else fade into the background till we get Alphy back on her feet, and to her gorgeous smiling self. We are hoping that will happen soon, so the books and everything else bounce back.

A home isn't about anything other than its people. Everything else stays dormant till people matter. Ditto for Marketing too. The real value that comes out of products and services sails through the people who take them to consumers. Its employees and the service they provide that can tip the scales when it comes to engineering superior value. Sure, it may be a product the consumer buys, but its people who pilot psychological value that can translate into consumer loyalty towards a brand.

In the end, and forever, it will be people who matter.

As for us at home, Alphy is who matters. 


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