Santhosh Pandit & Malayalee Men

I watched an idiot-box program today featuring Santhosh Pandit, actors from his movie, a bunch of Malayalee men who had come in as audience-invitees, and an asinine anchor. Though the program was contrived to present the idiosyncrasies of Santhosh and his work so as to elicit sniggers from the viewers, what was on full display was the crassness of malayalee men who were the audience on the show.

It was interesting to note the audience-invitees on the show comprised only of men. These men with ample encouragement from the asinine anchor lived up to the hooliganism that was expected of them. Hand in hand as a crass cabal they took to dehumanizing Santhosh and his three actresses from (I guess) a soon to be released movie. The idiot posing as the anchor played his part to the hilt in ensuring the nauseating circus on show stayed true to its demeaning character till the end. As a viewer I even thought there was enough said on the show that could qualify as verbal abuse, Why, when one of the men in the audience danced with one of the actresses, he even came close to physical abuse. Tell you what, the sight and sounds on the program had me nauseated as it drew to a close.

The Malayalee men on the show proved what has always been true of most of them. That they have no class and they border on being nauseating, especially to women. Funny that the show (it was even titled nauseatingly as 'Santhosh and his women') was billed as being about Santhosh. It wasn't. It was in fact about sick Malayalee men and their crass mentality.

Just like the sickening show on TV was supposed to be about Santhosh, consumption too many a times is misinterpreted as being about products and services. It isn't. Consumption is more about consumers and their needs. You see, people don't buy products and services, they buy solutions to their needs and problems.

The real stars of the consumption story are consumers, while the real disgraces on the TV show turned out to be Malayalee men. 


Vishnu Raghavan said…
there is also another set of shows called reality shows, which seem wholly unreal. and there are umpteen number of competitions where he runner up is snubbed. troubling.
and in many places boorishness is seen as being hep. all tragic really

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