Swami and a million others don't get Liberty. Ditto Obama.

Its easy to see why Swami thinks the 'Indian parliamentary system looks saner and stabler than the American one today', and that the latter 'stinks morally'.

He just doesn't get 'Liberty'. Like a million others. In fact most citizens elsewhere have no clue about what the American founding fathers had in mind when they drafted the American constitution. What Swami calls 'insane', 'unstable', and a 'stinker' is in fact the finest example of a country being founded on the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for its citizenry. 

What Swami calls a mess is a testament to the triumph of liberty. The American Constitution is the only one that protects its citizens from its government. No other Constitution anywhere understood how important that was. In fact no other founding fathers understood liberty the way American founders did. In preserving liberty, the wise American founding fathers decided the people need protection from the possibility of a tyrannical government taking away their rights. What Swami and most see as a mess in America today, is in fact the power of people stopping the tyranny of a socialist cabal. 

Stopping Obama is a necessity. It has to be done before he takes a liberty-believing America down the socialist hellhole. The Democrats won't do it considering they are as socialist as it gets. The Republicans too aren't up to it considering they too are in many ways socialists in libertarian attire. So then who can, and who will? 

Thank God for the Tea Party. Thank God for the real conservatives who can stand up to a community organizer and his cabal. If it requires a shutdown, so be it.

For now, know this is just the beginning to reclaiming America so it can go back to what its founding fathers meant it to be.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.


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