Why time-outs worked better on Brooklyn

Timeouts at home have had a more profound effect on Brooklyn than Jaden. Meaning behavioral modifications post time-outs happened quicker with Brooklyn. She's always come out of the room earlier, tantrums having subsided.

Here's' why.

A time-out for Jaden (when he was younger) meant just social exclusion that kept him away from what he enjoyed. For Brooklyn the same applied, but with a difference. Being the younger one she has to endure not just being away from her favorite play-doh, but also the knowledge that her brother must be having a great time outside of where she was confined (read, the bedroom).

You see its far easier for people to suffer deprivation, than for them to suffer deprivation while knowing others are partaking of what they can't.

The reason why observability aids in diffusing an innovation is 'cos it gets consumers to realize they don't have the new product in the market, plus that others (read, innovators) have it, and therefore they must be 'missing out'.

The existence of a basis for reference in Jaden is probably what's helped us manage Brooklyn better. Plus parental experience (with Jaden) that's made us a li'l less dumb, and just a bit smarter. 


Unknown said…
Interesting to see ... thank you it's well done article:)

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