Shweta Menon & the Diktats of Collective Cultures

It was only a matter of time before Shweta Menon withdrew her complaint. Where 'collective cultures' reign, individuals (read, you and I) don't stand a chance with their representation/s. If by any chance you (or I) do decide to go out there with a individualist stance, it must first pass the collective's approval. If it doesn't garner the collective's nod, and you decide to still be out there, get ready for a bout of character assassination. The collective will soon deem you as unfit, and banish you from partaking in their 'glorious' culture. Which pretty much is a message that you need to back off or else!

Shweta Menon took the cue, and dropped the ball.

You see, Shweta needed to pass the collective's scrutiny and get her character certificate before she was stamped as qualified to go to court against the alleged perpetrator-party. Never mind Kerala being the most literate state in India, the diktats of a collective culture that is part and parcel of the state is solidly in place to be unleashed on the likes of Shweta and others who may dare to stand up and seek their rights as individuals.

In Kerala, as in India, the individual doesn't stand a chance till the collective gives its approval. The collective rallied overtly and covertly against Shweta. They tagged her not 'demure enough' to allege indiscretions. How could she, especially since the collective saw her as unworthy?

The collective lesson needs to be kept in mind at all times while operating in countries like India. In fact marketers, especially those from foreign shores have the learnt the collective lesson pretty well. Which is why McDonald's sold its burgers under the 'family restaurant' banner. Which is again why almost every foreign brand wanting to stay in the game in India pandered to collective sensibilities.

Poor Shweta didn't get the drift as well. Which is why she dared, then came to her senses, and did what works here. She withdrew, and decided to stay mum.

Smart girl.


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