The Danes are the happiest, and its bloody scary!

According to Meik Wiking, director of the Happiness Research Institute, a Danish think-tank aiming to improve the quality of life in Denmark and abroad, the reason why the Danes are the happiest of people on planet earth is because they have a high degree of financial security. if the Danes lose their jobs, they get financial support from the government. If they fall ill, they get to go to hospital.

Despite the high taxes they pay, Danish citizens get a security net in return that gives them subsidized childcare, and unemployment insurance that guarantees eighty percent wages for two years. But the key factor that differentiates Denmark from similar Nordic countries is that there's greater social kinship that leaves them happier.


This must be as perfect as a society can get. And it can only get this way if you pay the government enough to keep you and your neighbor carbon copies of each other. Never mind what the both of you do to earn your keep. You and he have been 'cultivated' well by the big daddy so the two of you buy the same stuff, wear the same kinda clothes, eat the same kinda food, take the same kinda holiday, get treated for a sickness the same way, maybe even sneeze exactly the same.

Wow. What a nightmare.

Oh, and welcome to the Matrix!


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