The 'Knockout' Behavior

Any planned act by a person has as its immediate precursors an attitudinal setting, and an assessment of outcomes. Meaning, planned behavioral exhibitions happen because the people behind the behavior are 'inclined' toward such exhibitions, and also have taken into account the 'payoffs'.

The punks who take to 'knockout' are vermin who are comfortable with violence. They also get a pleasure out of the misery of their victims sans any fear of punishment. The vermin sit pretty with violence because they have been raised in homes where violence is condoned. They probably have had violent fathers who beat up on their mothers. Or fathers who took to crime. Plus they probably have never been disciplined growing up. And even if they have been, its been done all wrong.

What completes the flowering of such punks is a liberal culture that holds no one responsible for their actions. Liberals are deviants who believe in relative morality. Relative morality flows from godlessness. Sans a God, nothing's right, nothing's wrong. Knockout playing vermin in America are given a free run because the liberal culture currently in place shies away from pointing fingers, assigning accountability, and meting punishment.

Consumption behavior too operates on similar lines bereft of criminality. Consumption happens because the right brand attitudes are in place, and because consumers foresee outcomes they seek to realize through their buying act.

As for 'knockout', to stop the vermin from crawling out the woodwork in the future, two things need to get done. One, kids need to be raised right, especially in the black community. And two, vermin who commit the crime, must do the time.


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