The Left, Right, & Single Ladies

It’s a culture problem. Single women look to government to be their man, but what kind of men do they see in the world? Culture certainly does not criminalize the one-night stand or the random drunken hookup. They’re actually somewhat celebrated, and what our current (creepy) Uncle Sam is apparently concerned about is making sure to enable all women to be promiscuous without responsibility.

And is that what you really want, ladies? Do you want to be able to sleep with whomever you want and have zero consequences? Is being “sexually liberated” really on your to-do list or among your life goals? Really. Really?! What are you, a dude? (Sorry, but everyone knows that “playboy” is a term almost of endearment, whereas the female equivalent is such a foreign concept that it’s nonexistent.)

It’s also a myth that the right makes this their agenda. Isn’t it always the left who is obsessed with “reproductive rights,” abortion, and birth control, making the GOP the enemy? The truth is that it’s the right who values a woman as more than a human being able to carry babies. And simultaneously respects her as an amazing creature because she can.

So what do single women want? Basically, the Democratic Party is the rich older sleaze who promises you the world but can only deliver superficially. The Republican Party is the loving father who shows you your self worth, values your potential, and teaches the (wo)man to fish.

You can do better, ladies.

- Teresa Mull, 'All the single ladies.'


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