Why Bata will go down, and McDonald's up

We go to two Bata stores to pick footwear for both Jaden and Brooklyn. We encounter the iconic pathetic customer service that Bata stores are famous for. The store personnel didn't care a whit about what we were trying to find. I wasn't at all surprised. After all, what more can you expect from the likes of brand Bata?

We then stop for a bite at McDonald's, and we enter a different world altogether. Great people, great service. Though the store did not have the toy Jaden wanted, they were nice enough to guide to him another, which he was okay with.

Its a pity that the hellish pre-liberalization era in India allowed the likes of Bata to spread their stores around the country unchallenged. Its a pity that this brand enjoys scale efficiencies the others can't yet match, and so are able to sell at prices others need time to get to.

Socialist India gave consumers hell for their money. A liberalized India gave us the likes of McDonald's. May the latter and their breed, brands that represent liberalized India, increase. As for Bata, I can't wait to see them fold up.

Believe me, with this kind of service their time will come. The bells will toll, and I'll have my evil grin ready. 


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